Applying for UK Visa from Non EU Country


If you are a national from non-EU countries and you are aiming to stay or visit the UK, there are quite a few things for which you have to consider. First of all, you have to understand which appropriate visa or permits that you will need. Nationals that are from non-EU countries will need to first apply for UK visa so as to be able to take up residence, work, vacation, visit or any other reason. When applying for UK visa, each member must have their own permit even the children themselves.


Application for UK visa can be done in a number of ways, according to your convenience. You can apply online or perhaps at the nearest application centre at your place. You can apply directly at the appropriate British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission near your place of residence as well. UK visa application from non EU countries is allowed to be filed up to three months before your intended time of travel. This is to make sure that the process runs accordingly and that your documents are complete before the time that you fly to UK.


Before your UK visa application is processed, there is a biometrics test that you have to take at the nearest centre for visa application at your residence. The biometric test includes a digital photograph together with 10 digit finger scan. The UK visa application from non EU countries will only be processed when the data from the biometric test is collected and then verified.


The documents that are needed for the visa application varies depending on what specific visa you will need and from what country you are from, but it commonly includes documents such as:


• Passport

• Colour photograph of passport size

• Visa fee

• Marriage or divorce certificate

• Any proof of finances for the trip


For most cases, a citizen can stay in UK up to 6 months provided they do now work. However, if they intend to work then they must apply for the correct visa and appropriate work permit. There are also certain advices pertained to students from non-EU countries who wish to study in UK. The appropriate visa depends on how long that you will be staying for study in UK, such that if you are:


• Study Programme less than 6 months – You can apply for visa to UK as a short term student if you are coming to UK for less than 6 months and you do not intend to work while you are in the country or wish to extend your study. This includes work placements that are part of your study programme.


• Study Programme that is more than 6 months – If your study programme is up to more than 6 months in length, then it is advisable that you apply for a Tier 4 visa from your home country.


If you are going to study in UK for an English course up to 11 months, you can apply for UK visa from non-EU country. This, however, means that you will not be able to work in UK or in case you want to extend your study, you will have to return to your home country so as to get a new visa.

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